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Things don't always go the way they're planned.

Sunday 9 December was sweltering. The stage was set up, the sound system was on, the soundchecks were just finishing, when a dark wall of clouds approached from the east. It moved so fast. By the time we saw it, we had about 3 minutes to move what gear we could into dry safe places.

The rain came down hard and much. Then the hail.

This is not such an uncommon occurance in Johannesburg. What was strange this time was that it didn't seem to want to stop. It went on for two hours or so. The parking lot of the Doll's House was like a river.

But people came. And the show went on. At another relic of the city, the converted hotel bar Kitcheners. A party was crashed, soldiers were notified via social media, and the house came down.