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Radio is not dead.
Drive-Ins are not dead.

Even though our last drive-in has closed down and our best one has been stolen. Sure we only had it on loan. It sat high on a golden mine dump with one of the best views of the city. The mining companies didn't have their shit together back in the day. They needed to go in to get all the gold they didn't know how to get out the first time.

In December, when Johannesburg sleeps, we invited our comrades down to a lot below the art deco Barbican building. Come, we said, with a car full of friends.
Drive In, we said.

This lot will not be here forever.
Let's use it now.

Carlo Mombelli and Bittereinder performed at this lot, strangely for them, with no sound system. The cars of our comrades were their sound system. The accumulation of all these radios tuned in. Listening to Invisible Cities Pirate Radio broadcasting the sounds from the stage into the cars, filling that space.

This was the birth of Invisible Cities Pirate Radio. Broadcasting ground level culture.

102.2fm, Johannesburg.